I'm Going to Miami

I’m Going to Miami

The holidays provided ample opportunity to engage in some hefty self-denial about my upcoming repatriation to the US, but with the packers arriving in two weeks, I can no longer put-off the inevitable. Like it or not, I am returning to the States and to quote Will Smith, “I’m going to Miami.” I have been offered a job located there and so despite never having set foot in Miami, for the foreseeable future, I will be calling the city home.

I have spent the past few days conducting online research to supplement my paltry knowledge of Miami. The everglades are close by, right? Overall, the reviews seem mixed. My summary of the descriptions I read is that it is a maddening city that you can’t help but love. The traffic is horrendous. Mango (as well as avocado, litchi, orange, or lime) trees dot gardens around the city. The humidity makes people melt outdoors, but the pervasive use of air conditioning has people shivering inside. Everyone is late. There is good Latin food. Actually, there is good Latin everything. Virtually no one is from Miami. The city comes to a standstill during Art Basel. Knowing some Spanish is handy to navigate the city. Lastly, the American cockroach, referred to as the Palmetto bug, will plague your household. It’s not a lot to go on.

While I have only told a few people that we are settling in the Sunshine State, the announcement often elicits a grimace and the statement, “all cities have something to offer.” Like me, many of my friends are only familiar with the stereotypes. Therefore, first-hand knowledge, advice, and recommendations are welcome. We will have familiarize ourselves with the city and decide, mere weeks upon arrival, where to live. 

As someone who likes to explore new areas, moving to a city that I know nothing about is thrilling. A new city means new restaurants, theaters, and museums to discover. Callum is excited about the profusion of professional and colleagieate sport teams that call Miami home, although he may be a rather frustrated fan. Perhaps most exciting is that Miami is conveniently to a slew of US cities I want to visit (Savannah, New Orleans, Austin, Key West, to name a few) and a hub for exploring Latin America.

I am still processing that I’m going to Miami, but whatever comes next, I know it will be another adventure. And, I am serious about those recommendations. Send them our way.