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Megan Phinda JuneAs an avid traveler and eater, I believe there is no better way to get to know a place than to share a table over a meal. Whether my dining companions are people I meet along the way, friends and family, complete strangers, or even myself, savoring a meal in a new place is one of my favorite pleasures. There are memorable dishes that blow you away with shear deliciousness, originality, or new flavors. There are lively conversations that transform middling meals into truly remarkable ones. There are other times when fatigue, jet-lag, or solo travel lead to quiet contemplation in silence. When traveling, I often plan my days around the places I want to eat or the local specialties that I want to try.

When I originally thought of starting a blog, I was living in Washington, DC. I traveled extensively to explore new cities, but more often than not I spent weekends visiting friends and family across the United States. I was living in a studio apartment, cooking in a postage stamp sized kitchen, practicing Pilates several times a week, and eating out with friends most nights. But then, life got in the way and this blog never materialized.

Now, I am living in Johannesburg, South Africa and I finally launched my blog as a way to stay connected to friends and family in the United States. During the week I work hard and on the weekends I travel around South Africa or explore my adopted city, Jozi. I have less time for cooking despite the fact that my kitchen is quadruple the size of my old kitchen and I am lucky if I squeeze in a Pilates session during the week. In many ways my life has changed, but I still believe in exploring countries, cities, and neighborhoods through conversation and food at a shared table.




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  1. Nancy Stewart
    Nancy Stewart / 8-20-2017 / ·

    Love this post Megan!!!

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