Go on. Take a Microvacation.

Go on. Take a Microvacation.

For readers of my blog or Instagram followers, it may appear as if I were on a perpetual holiday, but like most people finding time to escape for a multi-day holiday is increasingly difficult. My getaways are normally scheduled around weekends with an average jaunt clocking in at 72 hours. This year I have not indulged in many of these weekend escapes, but lately the stress of life was starting to effect my mental and physical wellbeing resulting in ocular migranes, limited neck mobility, and relentless pacing around the lounge. I knew what I needed, a respite from my quotidian routine. In other words, I needed a microvacation but not just any microvacation. I needed a solo microvacation where quiet and solitude were in order.

Exploring new locales and re-visiting familiar favorites provides a break from the mundane and even a jaunt as short as a weekend helps me process change, relieve stress, and ultimately be more productive when I return to work the following Monday. A weekend away is generally all that I need to reset, but my schedule only allowed for me to be away for one night. While I can justify spending time and money on a two night break, one night away seemed wasteful and indulgent and all the more so because I would be traveling without Callum. 

Even though my brain told me the trip was silly, my soul said go. I elected to return to a place I loved and one that provided the solace I craved, Prana Lodge. Here the unspoiled coastline stretches in either direction and is flanked by vegetated sand dunes that protect a small forest ecosphere replete with colorful birds, including the normally shy narina trogon that flitted from branch to branch while I enjoyed my breakfast.

The lodge has a small deck overlooking to ocean and I spent hours there reading my book. The rest of my time was spent contemplating life in the presence of the vast ocean and rather hopelessly trying to identify birds on the property from the deck of my spacious suite. When I was hungry, the kitchen was ready with delicious meals that could be eaten in the garden, overlooking the ocean, in the dining area, or in the privacy of my room. And to help facilitate the unwinding, I booked a 90 minute massage at the onsite spa. Although I was only away for a little more than 24 hours, I felt something in me give and release.

For those of you in similar need of a getaway, don’t wait for a school holiday or December break. Grab a friend, ditch your smart phone, leave your kids with your significant other, or pack up the entire family for a microvacation. I guarantee you will not regret your decision to escape, even if it is for a night.

Prana Lodge is located in Chintsa East, an easy 40 minute drive from the East London airport. I stayed in the forest room which differs from their executive suites in that it does not have a plunge pool. For those looking for ultimate romance, book the sea-facing Diamond Suite perched high on the sand dune. You can opt for full-board (all meals) or the breakfast only option.